From the starter steps of Identifying Home Goals, Understanding Your Mortgage Options, to the Escrow Timeline, this book will educate you on the essentials of home buying to give you confidence and prevent you from being taken advantage of in your home buying journey.


Fillable Worksheets

Use the same sheets I use with my clients during our consultations. Personalize your experience with interactive worksheets that you fill in with your details as you learn about the home buying process. 

Home Buyer Education

Whether you are a year or months away from starting your search, this workbook will help you save time, money, and energy with information that Agents/Lenders rarely educate you about.

A Tool For You

This workbook is not meant to replace your Realtor or Lender, it simply is meant to educate you on the essentials of home buying, understanding your home mortgage, and my personal tips and strategies I use. 

Home Goal Helper is now FREE!

As of 8/10/2021, I am no longer charging for my workbook. I am deciding to focus on content for now and in the future might start making courses and/or worksheets.


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